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Boasting a killer sense of humor and a surprising amount of heart, The Lego Movie is a film that is not just made for kids. It’s made with the those small, colored building blocks in mind, easily bringing memories to life for the adult who played with Legos growing up.It’s the underdog tale of Emit Brickowski (Chris Pratt), a standard mini-figure construction worker. Emit, like everyone in his city, lives his life based on instructions drawn up by Lord Business’s (Will Ferrell) all encompassing corporation in the sky. When it’s discovered that Emit is a prophesied savior of the world, called “The Special,” he must prepare to become a “Master Builder” to defeat Lord Business before he freezes the whole world. Along the way, Emit gets help from a tough as nails female mini figure, WyldStyle (Elizabeth Banks), a wise but blind wizard named Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), and Batman (Will Arnett), along with scores of other familiar characters and faces

This film was like watching a 1h40 advert for Lego. I think the fundamental problem is that Lego is a great medium for telling other people’s stories, to which the plethora of characters in the film allude (Star Wars, Batman, pirates) but is not really an interesting subject for a story in itself. Although, to say that it’s completely lacking in story may be a little harsh as this is largely a copy of The Matrix for 8 year olds. In this case, however, despite the principal character’s initial self doubt and the ensuing voyage of personal discovery, it turns out that there actually is nothing special about him

For more than 60 years, Lego has entertained kids all over the world with their famous colourful interlocking plastic bricks. Now thanks to directors duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, 21 JUMP STREET), we finally get to watch the long-awaited LEGO MOVIE in the big screen for the first time ever!WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT?Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt) is an ordinary Lego mini-figure who works at the construction site. He lives his routine life by following “instruction manuals”, until one day he is mistakenly identified as the Special — Master Builder, to be exact — by a tough young woman named Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks). Soon he meets an old blind wizard named Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), and joins a fellowship of strangers including Batman (Will Arnett), Metalbeard (Nick Offerman), Uni-Kitty (Alison Brie) and Benny the “1980-something space guy” (Charlie Day), on an epic journey to stop the evil tyrant Lord Business (Will Ferrell) from destroying the Lego universe on Taco Tuesday by gluing it altogether.THE GOOD STUFFFor decades, Lego is widely known to kids as a toy that allows them to unleash their creativity. Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller clearly understands what makes Lego such a long-lasting toy phenomenon till now, and successfully translating that very idea into a spectacular animated feature